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Nov. 8th, 2035

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Aug. 12th, 2009

In Memory of

Chauntal Jean Aarness
March 2, 1976 - August 12, 1997


Kevin W. McVicker
January 14, 1975 - August 12, 1997

Rest In Peace

You are gone, but not forgotten. It's been 12 years but I still think of the two of you all the time. The older Kay gets the more it hurts that you two never had a chance to have a houseful of strawberry-blonde babies that were too smart for their own good.

Jun. 6th, 2009

Today during Kay's nap, I had the TV tuned to CMT. Nanny 911 came on, while I never go searching for the nanny shows, I don't always change the channel either. The episode I watched was on the Henry family. The guide on the TV states "A mother who waits on her children like a maid." That's not exactly what I would call it, but it was definitely a woman who didn't feel that her children were capable of doing anything for themselves.

I watched in shock as the mother picked out the days clothing for all three children, ages 6, 10 and 12. Yes, the mother still picks out clothing for the 12 year old girl. The mother also brushes the 6 year old's teeth and all of the children's hair for them.

As if that was not bad enough, the mother barely allows the children utensils for meals. None of the children know how to cut their own food with a fork and knife because the mother declares them too young to use knives. When the nanny convinces her to allow the children to use knives, of course she only allows butter knives.

This is one family that I am not sure the nanny came close to fixing their problems. How quickly did the mother revert to her previous behavior as soon as the nanny left? I wish those children a lot of luck in getting by in life, they do not seem to be getting the teaching and life skills they need from their mother.

As I watched this episode I thought of when Kay had her Early Intervention evaluation last year. One of the therapists asked how Kay did with scissors, my answer was that I had not given her scissors to use so I didn't know. It made me realize just how quickly children grow, that as parents we have to let them grow up a little more every day. A child's development is not up to just them, the parents play a bigger role than you sometimes realize. I have heard it said that the last time you can control what your child does is while you are pregnant with them. I believe that statement is wrong, because I do not believe that a mother has control over her baby while she is pregnant either. Everyday our kids grow and learn, as parents we can only hope to guide our children, not control them.


OMG Are people really this stupid???

since we haven't been using cloth for quite some time I do not know who is good and who is not. I do still have diaper_drama friended so I have seen the recent drama about Sumbums. And I see everyone drooling over Goodmama, but who else is good WAHM-wise? Who should be avoided?

There is a legitimate reason why I am asking. Two of my coworkers are having babies. Let me correct that. Milo will be 3 weeks tomorrow and is in cloth part time because only some of his small diapers fit him yet, most are too big, and Ella & Carl's baby is due in 6 weeks. Their baby will also be in cloth. Ella & Carl are currently planning on prefolds only, but did agree to receiving a copy of the info I was giving Mark & Cari -- I told them I would give them a list of the websites that I used to buy from that were still in business and a recommendation of brands that I either I have used or my friends have used that have worked well. These families interest in using cloth is more from the standpoint of saving the environment than saving money, but that is also why they are fine with used.

So suggest away! I am going to make this post public so if you know anyone who has info that could be rather invaluable to me, PLEASE point them my way. Thanks!